I was attempting as much as I could..

Enduring to taper those echoes !

But what would be the loudest noise,

Louder than the Thunder, the Waterfalls, the War cry…

Utterly those voices in my mind,

Diminishing decibels around me!



As a nerd as I were !

Make-believed many as an Extrovert,

and actually was an invariant introvert..

Once entered in the look of it’s mirror, Mine beated so hard !!

endeavored to clutch my tessellator..

By these muddles of PANGRAM..


விடியலில் சென்றவரை விழிபாராமல் தவித்து,

விளக்கும் மலையேற வீதியில் வழிபார்க்க

புறம்பேச பெண்டிர் அனைவரும்..

புறம் பார்த்து அமர்ந்த கன்னிக்கு 

தேன் தேவையில்லை…

நிலவு நிறையுமில்லை…

கலவைக்கு காத்திருந்தாள் காமமற்ற காதலை நோக்கி !


He enterprised to reveal his heat..

She tried expiating by drizzles !

Both weren’t appeased one another…

Felt atlast by passing him through her !

He sacrificed to break himself to merge,

Fruiting her a Rainbow !